Frequently Asked Questions!

If your question isn't covered below, send it to us via e-mail or facebook message- we may publish it here for everyone's benefit!

When and where will camp 2018 be held?

Stay tuned for an announcement of the location and dates for the 2018 CGR Camp!  

So what's this gonna cost?

One of our biggest priorities is to make our camp accessible to the largest group of girls in Chattanooga possible.  We plan to help accomplish this by charging tuition on a self-reported sliding-scale, and offering full financial assistance to as many campers that need it. Based on your family's income, tuition will fall between $0 and $300.  In an effort to make our program even more accessible, we also provide breakfast and lunch to all campers each day of camp, and have the ability to provide transportation to and from camp for up to 14 campers.

Does my kid need to have previous music experience or own/rent an instrument?

No experience or gear necessary!  We will provide the instruments and the know-how, they just need to arrive ready to learn something new!  Of course, if the campers do have their own instruments/gear, they're welcome to bring them along.

How do I volunteer?

Are you ready to volunteer?  Click here for the volunteer application!  Want to learn more?  You can read about our camp week volunteer roles here.  Still have questions?  Send us an e-mail at and we'll send you more information.

I'm a dude, can I volunteer?

Absolutely!  All volunteer positions are open to men in the months leading up to camp.  The week of camp, we have lots of supportive roles available to you folks (assistant instrument instruction, gear crew, tech support, admin, workshop assistance, etc)!  We ask that you respect our decision to place women in direct mentorship and leadership roles, so that we are modeling our message that these girls can not only play great music but become leaders and respected authorities in their fields.

I'd love to volunteer during camp week, but I can't afford to take off that much work.  What can I do?

You have a couple of options!  First, not all volunteers will need to be at camp all day, every day.  In fact, there are particular shifts that would only require you to be there in the morning (instrument instructors, for example) or the afternoon (band managers).  If you are only available for one, two, or three days of the week, that's ok to!  We have plenty of need for folks who can drop in for a while.  Lastly, CGR will have a limited number of stipends available for camp staff.  If you are interested in applying for a stipend to help offset the costs of taking off work, or travel, in order to volunteer, please send us an email of inquiry!  We can award between $25-$300 (approximately).  Priority will be given to folks who are spending the full week with us (lending consistency to our program and making the campers feel more secure) and folks from historically marginalized communities (women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, people with disabilities, etc). If you have any questions about that, please don't hesitate to ask.

What do you mean by safe space?

We aim to create as safe a space as possible for all the young people who attend our camp.  These means more than just a physically safe space (which we enforce by running background and reference checks on all adult camp and building staff, maintaining a physically secure camp location, and adhering to strict sign-in/sign-out policies), it extends to the emotional safety of the campers as well.  We strive to be a program that is explicitly anti-bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism in policy and practice.  We will do our best to create an environment that is body-positive (meaning no size-shaming), supportive of different learning styles and abilities (physical and neurological), and accepting of every camper's version of self-expression.  If you have any questions about this, please send us an e-mail.