What is Rock Camp?

Chattanooga's very first Girls Rock Camp will be a one-week summer day camp serving a diverse group of girls with varying musical experience (absolutely zero experience is more than ok!) who will be able to borrow instruments of their choice, receive instruction, form a band and write an original song with their fellow campers.  They'll then perform their work in a real music venue in front of an adoring audience of family, friends, and the public!  There will be opportunities throughout every day at camp to experience local/regional woman-fronted bands perform just for them and to participate in workshops that may range from exploring our region's rich musical history to DJing, recording, movement, and DIY art/merchandise making. 

While music is our medium, our camp programming aims to help provide girls the platform and tools they need to tell their own stories and be heard, which we believe to be an incredibly transformative and empowering act.  At camp, we intend to create an environment in which everyone is encouraged to resist the urge to apologize for the space they take up and the mistakes they make, and to think critically about the harmful messages they receive pressuring them to look a certain way, behave a certain way, and aspire to only certain futures.  We operate within a social justice framework, with the firm belief that a common goal of supporting each other as girls and women, while understanding we face different obstacles pursuant to our identities and backgrounds, is an important way to start creating the world we'd all like to be a part of.  

That said, let's plug in and get LOUD!  

 Quick facts!

  • There are more than 53 Rock Camps for girls in at least 8 countries, but like ours, they are independently organized and produced with the needs of each community reflected in their programming.  Check out the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, of which we are pending members, at  to learn more about the rock camp movement! http://www.girlsrockcampalliance.org

  • It may be called "Rock Camp," but the girls can create music in the style of their choice, whether it's Hip Hop, Country, Cumbia, or something totally new! We'll explore the cultural significance of many genres, particularly the importance of women's contributions to them.

  • We are a non-profit incorporated in the state of Tennessee, and through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas are able to accept tax deductible donations (credit card, check, and many in-kind donations).  Click our Donate link at the top of the page and help us get this awesome camp off the ground!