Chattanooga Girls Rock was born out of a sincere belief in the transformational effect of a music education (tailored to a wide variety of learning styles, musical interests, and abilities), a commitment to fostering a more diverse and uplifting music scene in Chattanooga, and a desire to provide girls with positive adult mentors and a supportive community where they can feel free to be exactly who they are.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (100% volunteer led), and though we’re quite new, we have been encouraged by enthusiastic community support for our program and values.  Our social-justice based approach to programming attempts to create space for girls to vocalize their opinions and address issues of identity, body politics, the media’s influence on their lives, and interpersonal relationships in a supportive environment, in addition to the valuable lessons about teamwork and collaboration they glean from music instruction and creating original music with other kids.  

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Our Mission

Chattanooga Girls Rock! exists to empower girls in our community to build confidence and celebrate their individuality through collaborative music education and performance.


All of us at CGR! look forward to a world in which girls are encouraged to pursue their interests without the notion that some dreams are out of their reach, where support and teamwork replace competition and acrimony, and girls and women are never afraid to rock with abandon!